• Shorts are now allowed in the theater (they will remain prohibited at Saturday Dances)
• No food or drink allowed in theater
• All pagers, alarms, beepers and cell phones are to be turned off
• Cameras of all types are strictly prohibited
• Ushers will assist residents to seats, storing walkers to back of theater; residents should label or name tag their walkers prior to coming to theater
• Do not place gum under seats, arm rests, on walls or floors and carpet
• Broken seats should be reported to usher
• No talking during movie or performance
• Leaving theater prior to end of the show is rude and disruptive

• Arriving late is rude and disruptive; please allow sufficient time to arrive and proceed to your seat prior to the performance or start of the film

• Special needs residents should come with their companion/aide early so they may be seated with the least disruption

• Do not yell out comments to the performers during the show
• Seating is assigned upon purchasing your ticket – NO Seat Changing Once The Show Begins. Violators Are Subject To Removal
• No tours of theater allowed during a performance or movie
For our vision impaired residents we reserve the first 2 rows in the theater for you. Just bring us your vision impaired card when you come in to buy your tickets so that we may accommodate you.
If you are in a wheelchair, we have wheel chair seating available to you; please let the box office know if you need wheelchair seating. Please note: the ushers are not allowed to maneuver the wheelchair for you. Your partner or aide must take you to your seat, once you are in your seat then our volunteer ushers will come and take your wheelchair for you and bring it back at the end of the show.

©2017 Century Village Deerfield Beach.

Unless otherwise noted, all shows begin at 8:00pm. Performance length varies between
75 and 90 minutes. Please display the courtesy of not leaving the theater until the end
​of the performance. Photography, audio/videotaping is strictly prohibited.
​​All programs are subject to change and/or modification.


Century Village Deerfield Beach recreational facilities and theater are handicapped accessible.
Persons with disabilities needing special accommodations should contact the Box Office
​to request such accommodation. To take advantage of the assisted hearing system for all shows
and movies, pick up an infrared headset receiver (first come first served). The headsets will
be located upstairs to the left of the Theater for shows and in the Staff Office for movies
for this season. All you need is your CVE ID, once you are done with the hearing ​device
simply return to the station or Staff Office where you picked up it up ​and your CVE ID
will be returned to you. It’s that simple!